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Fairlane Products announces the incorporation of full-service design and manufacturing solutions for automation with GripShape.

Fairlane® Products (Fraser, MI), a leading manufacturer of automation and workholding components with over 60 years of experience, has developed an industry leading process to design and manufacture custom automation components through the GripShape initiative. GripShape is a line of products and services offered by Fairlane Products aimed specifically at solutions for the automation industry. GripShape is known for the intuitive online design tool that allows for robot gripper tooling to be designed in less than 15 minutes at , but also offers a wide range of standard products available through the related business, Fixtureworks. Some projects are too complex or need specific design features to be successful and Fairlane’s engineers have come up with a full-service design process that will help fill the gap between full integration, off the shelf parts, and self-service.

Working with one of Fairlane’s experts to design a gripper for you is easy. “We’ve developed a new process that will make it simple to communicate the needs of your automation project without all the back-and-forth,” explains Nick Jenks, business development for Fairlane Products. “After gathering the details, one of our engineers will quickly produce a no-obligation 3D model using the GripShape application’s extensive library of product data so the custom design can be visualized before making any changes.” This process often takes less than a few hours. Once the concept is approved, different options are available to purchase the CAD model to manufacture themselves or Fairlane can produce the part at their facility in days, not weeks. Design and manufacturing of components for an automation system can be difficult and time consuming. Fairlane’s experience in workholding, material handling and positioning is driving new product development for end of arm tooling and robotic integrations. One of the automation experts can be reached at 1-800-548-2935 or by visiting

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