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Robot Gripper Fingers

Welcome to GripShape, a design and manufacturing service for robotic gripper finger tooling from Fairlane Products. Contact us today to discuss your project or use our new application for yourself. The configurator is intuitive, easy to use and requires no CAD experience.

Choose Your Workpiece

Select your gripper module from the list of manufacturers.  Choose a representative workpiece then configure the size, shape and rotation to best match what you want to grip.

Configure Your Design

Adjust the finger length, grip width, grasp type and more.  As you fine tune your design, refresh the model to see your changes instantly.

Review & Download

Review your parameter selections and inspect details of the on-screen model.  Download a parasolid CAD file to review the design in your own CAD project.

Purchase & Support

GripShape is making robot gripper fingers easier than ever to design and purchase. We offer different levels of service including: User Designed with the GripShape configurator, Design Optimized for fine tuning adjustments by a Fairlane designer, or GripShape Solutions for full concept, design and manufacturing services.

From start to finish, we’re making custom gripper tooling easier than ever to design and purchase. Your design is made and assembled by Fairlane using additive manufacturing and CNC machining. Or choose to purchase the CAD download to machine or 3D print yourself.

Have your next set of Gripper Fingers designed by GripShape.

Submit your workpiece CAD and gripper model # to to recieve a preliminary design and quotation.