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No more guessing – Fairlane has a long history in workholding solutions and makes it simple to get the right gripper finger tooling for your application.


Standardizing Automation

Your project needs a custom part, but not a custom price. GripShape is pushing the limits of intuitive 3D design by automatically generating model geometry from the sketch level just like you were designing in CAD.

With easy controls and simple steps users can customize their design in minutes. Look for new configurable products available from GripShape in the future.

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Custom design

Designing and validating robot gripper fingers can be a complex and iterative process. Expert Help is available to assist with taking your design to completion or designing a custom gripper for you. In many cases, we can send you a 3D model back the same day!

Learn more about Fairlane Products and how we can help make your gripping project a success.

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We have a history with gripping.

We have over 60 years of experience with gripping, workholding, and positioning components. We pride ourselves on quality manufacturing and efficient solutions that make your gripping project a success.

Our facility is home to modern manufacturing technology and an engineering design team that is innovating the way robot gripper tooling is designed and made.

The process of getting custom grippers is easier than ever with GripShape.

Customize your gripper from anywhere

Our free design tool is easy to use and makes it simple to customize your gripper finger tooling in just a few minutes, with no CAD experience necessary.

  • Easy to use dropdown menus
  • Custom gripper finger tooling in minutes
  • Built-in manufacturer data ensure the right fit
  • Design like a pro, with no CAD experience
  • Expert guidance available if you need a hand

Downloadable CAD

When you’re done designing, Fairlane can manufacturer your component or download the CAD to manufacture yourself.

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