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Fairlane Products develops new line of GripShape standard robot tooling that will be in-stock, ready to ship.

Fairlane® Products (Fraser, MI), a leading manufacturer that stocks over 10,000 automation and workholding components, announces the addition of new standard robot tooling to the GripShape line of products. The new product launch is focused around a large catalog of robotic gripper fingers available through our related business,, but will soon expand to include other automation components such as interface plates, dual module brackets and other peripherals needed to help end users successfully integrate their automation project.  

To make the standard gripper finger sets as useful as possible, GripShape engineers designed the line to have varying lengths, widths and grip areas to accommodate a large number of workpieces and applications like machine tending, pick and place, material handling or inspection to name a few. By selecting a standard, in-stock component companies can save design time and long lead times for manufacturing of custom components while having the same quality and precision normally associated with high end custom gripper tooling.

“The standard products we are developing incorporate features that robotics engineers and designers would normally build into custom components,” explained Justin Gordon, president of Fairlane Products. “Why start from scratch when we have already developed a set of fingers that could work for your gripping application saving design time and keeping valuable manufacturing resources free?”

GripShape also offers finger blanks which are a fast and convenient option for creating custom gripper designs. Save machining time by starting with a gripper blank which is already machined to fit the gripper module jaws. No more worrying about tolerances or designing to the manufacturer’s specifications. GripShape has done the hard work, just customize the grip area to match the workpiece’s shape and get a perfect fit for the gripping application. With GripShape’s new line of standard products, gripping has never been easier. To learn more about the products and services that Fairlane Products offers under the GripShape initiative, please visit or contact an expert at 1-800-548-2935 to discuss your automation project.

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