Design Automation is changing
the way robot grippers get
their fingers

Getting a grip
on Design

Designing gripper fingers can be challenging when taking into account all the factors that can impact the success of a project.

GripShape’s advanced configurator makes this easier by using algorithms and manufacturer data to drive the intuitive design that generates finger geometry in real-time.

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Customization just
got easier

Our free design tool is easy to use and makes it simple to customize your gripper fingers in just a few minutes, with no CAD experience necessary.

  • Easy to use dropdown menus
  • Built-in manufacturer data helps drive design
  • Real-time 3D model updates so you can visualize
  • Professional inputs give you control over design
  • Changes to the model are made at the sketch level
  • True parametric model free of surfaces making ideal for 3D printing
  • Download the CAD model directly from the application or purchase the manufactured part
  • Expert help is available to complete your design

GripShape's Automated
Design Tool

Experience how automated, intuitive processes are changing the way we create. Utilizing powerful algorithms and an extensive library of product data.

Select your gripper module and let GripShape generate the part geometry for you. Easy to use controls let you design a one-of-kind part in minutes.


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