READY Robotics offers GripShape custom gripper tooling.

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GripShape is now a part of the READY Marketplace which will act as a single source for designers, integrators, engineers and end users to find industry leading automation hardware, software and service providers. By partnering with GripShape, they are giving their customers and advantage with the ability to get the quality, custom gripper tooling their project needs without expensive software or having a team of engineers on staff.

READY has been making automation programming simple for years with their pendants that will control robots from most major brands, but now they are focused on making the rest of the integration process just as easy by teaming up with GripShape to offer custom end of arm tooling.

“This partnership is very much in line with the goals of Fairlane Products when we created the GripShape initiative”, highlights Nick Jenks, Business Development Director behind GripShape. “As automation gains momentum, it is going to be crucial that the leading experts in the industry work together to change how the process of integrating robots is navigated, just like we’ve done with making it easier than ever to get custom gripping components.”

GripShape Custom Gripper Fingers
GripShape featured on READY Robotics’ new Marketplace

Often times the end of arm tooling, or gripper fingers specifically, are an afterthought. This leads to a scenario where the automation is ready to launch and then the process of sourcing custom gripper tooling introduces unexpected costs and long lead times delaying the project. GripShape eliminates the lead times by offering standard products that incorporate custom features normally found on one-off tooling or being able to quickly design and manufacture custom gripper fingers in just a few days for you. All at lower price than traditional custom parts.

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